Digital Universe invites you to productive and profitable cooperation.

One of our key activities is the development of video games in all its directions:

  • Game development for personal computers, consoles and mobile platforms
  • Development of single and multiplayer games
  • Attracting investors to our existing and new projects.




We will guide you through the investment and development of games and the risks involved.

We will consider your wishes

Our experts will analyze your wishes and provide a reasonable proposal with appropriate recommendations for their implementation.

Minimizing financial risks

When you work with us, you minimize the financial risks and additional costs of developing common components that are contained in any games.

Optimizing our software solutions

We optimize our software solutions to achieve the widest possible coverage of your potential audience and, as a result, increase your profits.

Server capacity located in the world's leading data centers

We have already deployed our own network of servers all over the world. The launch of new projects is possible both on current capacities and on the customer's servers.

Automating processes

We always get away from manual work, we use scripts to automate routine tasks. You won't have to pay for manual labor where it makes sense to use automation.



We use the most advanced technology for you

We work with the most modern and perfect professional game engine in the world - Unreal Engine 4. Games made on this engine have awesome graphics, amazing features and necessary flexibility for production of any project

Server platform for

We have launched and tested our own server platform, which allows you to run any online game, such as

Platform for game distribution

We have launched and tested game distribution platform which allows you to sell any game on our or your site. The service is almost similar to marketplaces from world leaders - Steam, Microsoft Store and others.

Our own analytics system

Digital Universe has its own analytics systems integrated with each other. We always know which targets in our games are being achieved and why.

Server capacity

We have already deployed our own network of servers around the world. We know how to install and configure additional servers in the shortest possible time.

Server monitoring 24/7

Digital Universe continuously watches over its servers and client servers 24/7. We always know what and where we have broken or are about to break, we can restore the chronology of events and eliminate the true cause of what happened. 

Protection against most attacks

Our servers were exposed to most types of attacks and we learned how to protect them. We've fine-tuned our communications with data centers so we know what to do and when to do it. Our solutions take into account the possibility of repulsion of attacks without the participation of specialists.

We organize the operation of the game after development

We have selected reliable partners to ensure the operation of all game subsystems. This will save you time and worries.

We know how to develop complex projects

We know how to develop complex games in practice. We know how to make a feature quickly and easily. We are not theorists, we are practitioners. We can show you what we have already done in work, not in pictures.


We work with customers all over the world, contact us and we will solve your issues

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